The opportunity: technology saves lives

Many people lack access to quality health care. Affordability, availability, awareness and acceptability are all part of the challenge. Technology is an enabler across these challenges.

  • How can digital services make health care available to everyone?
  • How can disease be prevented through better hygiene, nutrition and lifestyles?

Our contribution

We facilitate inclusive systems innovations that serve patients in low-income communities and keep people healthy. Reach out to us if you would like to:


your role in a future health system that can treat all patients and prevent disease.


dynamic partnerships to explore new technologies and business models that make quality healthcare accessible for all.


your interventions through a generative approach with partners and patients to generate better collaboration, shared insights and update your approach.


We have implemented projects to enable access to healthcare for all with large companies, social enterprises and public sector partners. Some examples:

Improving access to diabetes treatment in the Philippines

We worked with a major pharmaceutical company to understand business. To find answers, we immersed ourselves into the environments emerging middle class consumers frequently visit, and conducted in-depth interviews as well as focus groups with diabetes patients, health care professionals and experts. On this basis, we developed three business model ideas together with representatives of the company.

Foundation strategy for digital health systems

We supported a corporate foundation to develop a strategy with a focus on digital health systems. We conducted internal and external interviews and facilitated a team workshop to identify pillars of this new strategy.

Enhancing access to oncology medicines in Africa

Endeva, in cooperation with 3xBL and BroadReach Corporation, identified opportunities for improving access to oncology treatment in Sub-Saharan countries for a large pharmaceutical company. Pilot countries were Kenya, Nigeria and Senegal. We developed initial blue prints of a business model which addressed four major issue areas: fulfilment, patient education, identification and navigation.


Interested to innovate with us?

Dr. Aline Menden

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