Bringing Medicines to Low-Income Markets

Aline Menden (née Krämer), Solveig Haupt

Bringing Medicines to Low-Income Markets is a guide for pharmaceutical companies and other health-related organizations. It is designed to help create and adapt business plans targeting low-income consumers. This publication examines the market and its characteristics, making the business case for serving low-income patients. Using the “4As+1 tool”, the study analyzes challenges companies face in entering the market from several crucial viewpoints: Acceptance, Awareness, Availability and Affordability. A “fifth A”, Actors, focuses on strategic partnerships with other organizations in the health ecosystem of the business model. Based upon an analysis of over 100 case studies, 30 expert interviews, and Endeva’s own expertise in low-income and sustainable business, solutions to common challenges are put forth.

The publication further includes an extensive support directory, suggestions on how to adapt management processes to better support the success of doing business in low-income markets, and tips on how to maximize the benefits of entering into partnerships.