The first BoP Lab began in the US was a consortium of companies, NGOs, entrepreneurs, multilateral organizations, and academics working to discover and implement business solutions to global poverty.  Established in 2000, it grew out of the research and writings of Dr. Stuart Hart in the late 1990s. Today, the Labs represent a vibrant community of academics and practitioners in more than 20 countries that engage in knowledge creation and dissemination about the theory and practice of creating sustainable businesses at the base of the economic pyramid. Endeva is one of these Labs. With a focus on concept, theory and practice of the emerging field of BoP enterprise development, they have three primary purposes:

1) Generate specific action research.

2) Disseminate knowledge through workshops, seminars, conferences, case studies, publications and the media.

3) Identify, design, incubate and promote innovative business models with companies and other stakeholders that will improve the social and economic lifestyles of BoP communities.