Pierre Golbach

Associated Expert
"Pooling people’s perspectives and knowledge is a wonderful gateway to a shared understanding of what is needed and to get it done."

Pierre is passionate about designing and facilitating processes for multi-stakeholder collaboration, learning and system innovation. Being trained in Theory U, Systems Thinking and systemic organizational development, he enables collectives of people and organizations to pool and share knowledge, align their intentions, and co-create pathways for meaningful action.

By creating spaces for individuals and organizations to learn and enact their intentions, Pierre hopes to contribute to a world where we all work for people and planet alike, serving social, environmental and economic needs in a complementary and balanced way.

His recent work includes fostering action-oriented partnerships and scaling solutions for impact in digital health and digital transformation. Being passionate about learning environments, Pierre also co-develops Generative Evaluation to bring Theories of Change, continuous systemic learning and human-centered principles to the heart of evaluation in international development.

Before that, Pierre organized a wide range of peer learning formats bringing together officials from international development organizations around topics such as impact orientation, key performance indicators and collective leadership. Pierre holds a master’s in management from HEC Paris, a master’s in Public Policy and a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy and Anthropology from Freie Universität Berlin.