Tania Lessenska-Teodosiev

Program Manager & Senior Analyst
"I imagine collaboration which comes from the heart by using open communication and empathy to set common goals and achieve them through meaningful partnerships"

Tania Lessenska-Teodosiev is a Project Manager and Senior Analyst at Endeva. Previously, she worked at the European Council on Foreign Relations as a Project Coordinator for the Western Balkans and Turkey. There she was responsible for the coordination, implementation and reporting of several multiannual projects related to the region and its integration in the European Union.

She holds a Master of Public Policy from the Hertie School in Berlin, where she specialised in healthcare systems, policy design and evaluation and health inequality. During her time at the Hertie School she worked as an academic research assistant for a project funded by the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (BMAS), where she researched the interaction between platforms and global value chains and production networks, as well as their effect on the organisational forms and employment.

At Endeva, she is currently working on two projects in the agri-food space. One in collaboration with the United Nations ESCAP, focused on providing Inclusive Business coaching to companies in India and Viet Nam, where she is the operational manager and focal point for the companies. The other project is focused on promoting quality food fortification of staple foods in Asia and Africa.