Tendai Pasipanodya

"There is nothing like getting up in the morning to do something you believe in! With Endeva I am excited to embark on a new journey building on my rich experiences growing up and working in Africa. Together we will apply Endeva’s research and analysis in ways that make a real difference to people at the base of the economic pyramid."

As a Director at Endeva, Tendai brings a wealth of experience in the implementation of projects on the ground. Tendai has over 14 years of experience in economic development and has worked in Europe, West Africa and the US. She is an expert on entrepreneurship promotion and wealth creation in low-income markets.

Tendai leads Endeva’s work on mobility systems, with a focus on using drones as a force for good. She also leads the work around youth employment and acts as Endeva’s “impact guardian”.

Tendai has previously served as a Youth Entrepreneurship Expert for the ILO (International Labour Organization) in Berlin where she advised and guided teams in field offices to design and implement various youth entrepreneurship initiatives. Before moving to Berlin, Tendai spent 5 years in in Dakar where she headed the West Africa regional office of the Youth Employment Network (YEN), a former inter-agency initiative of the World Bank, ILO and UN. Tendai also worked as an economic development consultant with UK based consulting company Shared Intelligence.

Tendai’s passion is to enable more people living in poverty to increase their income and improve their quality of life. She enjoys thinking critically about her work and challenging assumptions to find new and lasting solutions to tackling poverty. She is fond of working collaboratively and bringing different people together in ways that increase their impact on the ground.