Solveig Haupt

Associated Expert
"At Endeva, I can apply my expertise and skills by combining private sector savvyness with social impact to help addressing some of the most pressing health problems.“

Solveig is an associated expert with Endeva. She brings more than 19 years of experience in the pharmaceutical and global health fields. She is the lead author of the “Health and Medicines Sector Market Assessment in Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia and South Africa” for the African Medicines Impact Investment Fund (AMIIF). She also co-authored “Bringing Medicines to Low-income Markets” for the BMZ, GIZ, and Sanofi. Solveig has been working on this and other public health related issues with numerous pharmaceutical companies and served as a consultant to the Clinton Health Access Initiative and the World Bank.
Solveig enjoys working with enthusiastic and motivated people with different backgrounds and expertise to lead them to reach a common goal that contributes to better health for people. She has been project lead for our teams that are often placed around the world, organized and moderated workshops and trainings with diverse participants from both developed and developing countries, and regularly serves as guest speaker at conferences on the topic of access to medicines.
Prior to becoming an independent consultant, Solveig led as Director Global Access for Pfizer Inc. a pilot in maternal health in partnership with Professor Yunus’ Grameen’s Kalyan organization in Bangladesh. As a Global Brand Team Leader and Director World Wide Commercial Development, she introduced three innovative medicines for Pfizer Inc. worldwide and served served as a Pfizer Global Health Fellow in India. Solveig was a Fulbright scholar at BSU, Indiana from where she earned an MBA and she holds a Masters in Global Public Health (MPH) from New York University.