Fortifying Food Markets – Unlocking the potential of food fortification partnerships to improve nutrition

Christina Tewes-Gradl, Jane Nelson, Richard Gilbert

Food fortification has the potential to improve lives, especially at a time when many families cannot afford a balanced diet. Local millers and food processors hold the key to providing fortified staple food at scale. Yet, they require an operating environment that supports them and rewards good fortification practice. Companies and other stakeholders must move beyond the linear regulation-and-training approach and fix systemic constraints in the food fortification market system. This report identifies six opportunities that can help unblock barriers and realize the potential of food fortification to enable more healthy, productive lives.

The six public-private partnerships aimed at strengthening local large-scale food fortification capacity are accessible at the following links:
1. Affordable Nutritious Foods for Women (ANF4W); 2. Africa Improved Foods (AIF); 3. Iodine Global Network (IGN); 4. Smarter Futures; 5. Strategic Alliance for the Fortification of Oil and Other Staple Foods (SAFO); 6. Strengthening African Processors of Fortified Foods (SAPFF).