G20 Inclusive Business Framework


This is a broad agenda that speaks to how the private sector can contribute to advancing inclusive and sustainable growth. This agenda encompasses a wide range of contributions to inclusive growth and development, including inclusive workplace practices such as the hiring and skilling of people from vulnerable groups, including women and people with disabilities. Within this broad agenda, this G20 Framework on Inclusive Business focuses on business approaches that seize market opportunities that directly improve the lives of those living at the BOP.

Inclusive business has the potential to be a driving force for inclusion and sustainability and to contribute to the effective implementation of the SDGs. To harness this potential, all stakeholders – including governments, the private sector, and other actors – have a role to play. The G20 can play a critical catalyzing role by: i) enabling inclusive business through its members‘ policies, approaches, and good practices; and ii) helping promote and grow inclusive business through its convening, coordinating, and mobilizing power. Additionally, in applying the inclusive business framework to their domestic and development policies, G20 members can lead by example on policy implementation.