Opportunities for Digital Startups and Local Innovators in Green Hydrogen in Kenya

Kenya has been a green pioneer in electricity generation in the East Africa region for quite some time and the new administration under President William Ruto is further pushing towards 100% of grid electricity being generated by renewable sources. Green hydrogen (GH2) will play a major role in this strategy. The public and the private sector have been very active in articulating the best possible way for Kenya to not only position itself as a green hydrogen innovator but also to ensure that local communities and small businesses benefit from the potential in the sector. During Endeva’s inclusive innovation 2030 (ii2030) journey, a group of diverse stakeholders from across the industry identified several challenges, opportunities, and subsequent levers for systemic change, as well as the key stakeholders and activities necessary to implement this change. Although there are already diverse actors in the hydrogen space, e.g. companies, public stakeholders and academia, there is a lack of startups and small enterprises dedicated to the commercial opportunities in GH2 and its products and services.