Alice Schmidt

Associated Expert
"I imagine a world in which it is normal for individuals, corporations and governments to accept their social responsibility and work together to maximise social impact."

Alice is an expert in global health and social impact assessment. Over the past 17 years she has worked in 27 countries around the globe. Alice has worked with more than 35 organisations, ranging from large pharma companies and international agencies to small health NGOs in Africa and Asia in designing, assessing, analysing and evaluating strategies and programmes for health and social impact. For example, she led a World Bank/IFC-funded multi-stakeholder research and strategy development exercise for public-private health partnerships in the mining sector; facilitated a large pharma company’s participation in the Access to Medicines Index; and developed a social impact assessment system for a solar energy business in Madagascar.

Alice has published widely on health and development issues. For example, she authored good practice guidelines for effective health programming by mining companies in low-income settings. Alice also regularly lectures on sustainable business and management for the future at European business universities.

Alice enjoys building bridges between business and development stakeholders. She is keen to create synergies in the work of private, public and civil society actors to make the prospects of the post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals a reality.

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