Alice Schmidt

Associated Expert
"I imagine a world in which it is normal for individuals, corporations and governments to accept their social responsibility and work together to maximise social impact."

Alice is a seasoned monitoring, evaluation and learning specialist with 25+ years of experience in 30+ countries and almost 100 institutional contexts. She has significant experience across sectors, from health and pharma to mining, food and agriculture. Alice has lived and worked in a range of countries and context, including several years in the Asia-Pacific region and one year with UNDP in Vietnam.

As an expert for impact assessment in an inclusive business environment, Alice regularly designs and implements frameworks for tracking social and environmental results, develops theories of change, conducts independent evaluations and leads research and stakeholder engagement exercises. For example, she led a World Bank/IFC-funded multi-stakeholder research and strategy development exercise for public-private health partnerships in the mining sector; facilitated a large pharma company’s participation in the Access to Medicines Index; and developed a social impact monitoring system for Ferrero’s hazelnut value chain in Turkey.

As an MIT-certified Climate Ambassador, Alice regularly designs and facilitates climate action and systems analysis workshops and simulation games. Since 2012, she has been a senior lecturer at various universities in Europe, most notably teaching ‘Sustainable Business: Managing for Tomorrow’. Alice is also an author, contributing to publications on sustainability and AI.

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