PersonAline Menden (née Krämer)Director

"Joining forces with actors and experts from all over the world to learn about, encourage, inspire and support inclusive business models has been an incredible learning experience!"

Dr. Aline Menden is one of the co-founders and managing directors of Endeva. She is an expert on business models for low- and middle income markets. Over the past ten years, Aline has led and implemented a variety of research and consulting projects for a broad range of organisations, including large companies, NGOs, international organisations, and foundations.
Aline co-authored several studies on inclusive business models - all aiming at understanding how to make these models work for both companies and the target group: people living in poverty. Most recently, she is leading Endeva’s work in the health sector. She co-authored several studies on the topic, analyzed health business model innovations and consulted a variety of pharmaceutical companies on developing business models for low- and middle-income markets.
Her field experience lies in understanding and assessing the needs of low-income consumers and integrating them into the development of suitable solutions. She conducted field research in diverse contexts ranging from Bangladesh, Brazil and the Philippines to South Africa. For her research in Brazilian favelas, she gained the Emerald/CAPES Management Research Fund Award.
Aline enjoys bringing people from different backgrounds together for mutual learning and exchange. She has organized and moderated workshops and trainings with diverse participants from both developed and developing countries.
Aline has studied in Passau (Germany), Salvador and Curitiba (Brazil) and holds a Masters in International Business and Cultural Studies. She holds a PhD on “Identifying Low-income Consumers as a Source of Innovation” from the TUM School of Management in Munich, Germany.


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