Barbara Börner

Associated Expert
“When we look back in twenty years, what made systems change happen and how did we empower people to shape and co-create this process?”

Barbara Börner is a certified systemic facilitator, consultant and coach. She loves to support and enable people and organizations in their development. Her own career took her from the solar industry to consulting and directing companies and nonprofits in the sustainability and development sector. In addition, she teaches social entrepreneurship at the University of Freiburg.

Systems change has been a topic dear to Barbara’s heart since she was a teenager. Most of the time, Barbara drives issues even before they move into the social mainstream: whether working for climate protection in the late 1980s; a burning interest in the development and challenges of transcultural, postcolonial societies in the 1990s; or in the solar industry in the early 2000s, which since has become an important part of a sustainable economy.

Barbara loves to facilitate processes like Endeva’s ii2030 that empower people from different worlds and backgrounds to co-create future-fit business solutions serving people and planet. She uses systems thinking, Design Thinking, Effectuation, or Storytelling.