Ella Lagé

Associated Expert
"Every day, we shape our own long term future with our decisions, mindset and attention. This is why it’s crucial to have a clear picture of the future world we want to be living in. Endeva makes this picture a basic part of their consulting.“

Ella’s background is in design and climate. She holds a master from the University of the Arts in Berlin. After an early career in digital interface design, she headed cross-platform digital service design projects at Fjord Berlin for 5 years.

From 2012 she lead the creative team at betterplace.org, Germany’s biggest online fundraising platform focussing on small NGOs, where she worked with corporate partners such as SAP, the Vodafone foundation and Telefónica.

In 2015, she became a full time climate/ divestment activist. Within a year her local volunteer team of Fossil Free managed to convince Berlin’s Senator for finance to divest the city’s financial reserves from fossil fuels, nuclear power and weapons. (You can find out more about this from her 2016 TEDx Talk here).

Devoted to co-creating solutions to problems and designing change, she took part in the 2018 CMU transition design class in Totnes (UK). This led to her representing the independent think tank Demos Helsinki in Germany. Demos offers strategic foresight and long term future scenarios which are desirable for both society and our planet.

Since 2018, she also runs her own business Transition by Design, offering what she calls „transition experience design”, experiences from future realities and narratives about a better world we can create. She makes use of systemic design methodology and of her design thinking expertise in workshops and consulting.

Ella is based in Berlin with her family. She works from the amazing cocreation.loft in Kreuzberg.