Deirdre O’Sullivan-Winks

Associated Expert
"True and lasting systems change can only happen with people-and needs-centred collective innovation.”

Deirdre (Dee) works as a freelance consultant, with a specialist focus on impact investment and disaster risk financing. She has 10 years’ experience in the non-profit sector, following a previous career in investment management. Dee believes passionately in driving change for non-profits, development and humanitarian organisations through innovative financing. She has built and led multi-stakeholder programs in and across International NGOs, governments, private sector companies and donors, which positively disrupt to deliver systems change and trial pioneering responses to social and sustainability challenges.

Dee focuses on capacity building to facilitate greater understanding and partnerships for change, insightful research and tailored strategies, developing pioneering concepts that truly make a difference, building ecosystems that foster effective cross-sectoral partnerships, and providing intuitive and adaptable advisory and thought leadership support to senior level executives. Dee’s earlier career in investment management was mainly with AXA Investment Managers. She holds a Masters in Investment Management from Cass Business School and a BA (Hons) in American History from UCL. She has volunteered in Uganda, lived in five different countries, and is strategic advisor to the Board of a Ugandan children’s charity.