Study for Rio+20: “Policy Measures to Support Inclusive and Green Business Models”

Aline Menden (née Krämer), Martin Herrndorf

This study was carried out to map policy measures to support new and innovative business models that bring together both greening and inclusion. Realising synergies between inclusion and greening requires innovative technologies and business models. While models are developed and implemented by the private sector, both policy makers and donors can play a key role in supporting them. The report shows that mission-driven organisations often take on risky pioneering work in addressing social and environmental challenges, while traditional businesses tend to scale successful models. Both are supported by a diverse set of actors, whose function and influences are discussed in depth.
This study will be presented and discussed at DCED’s session on ‘Enabling Green and Inclusive Markets: A Case for Public Private Collaboration’ on 18 June 2012 within the Corporate Sustainability Forum at Rio+20.