PersonClaudia KnoblochDirector

I love to bring people from different backgrounds, countries and organizations together to help create solutions that address social and ecological challenges and to make them work in practice.

Claudia Knobloch is one of the directors of Endeva and an expert in applying knowledge of inclusive business models in collaboration with companies, NGOs and donors.

She is one of the most experienced project managers in the field of inclusive business. Within the last 16 years, she has managed more than 100 projects for international companies, donors and NGOs and co-authored 12 reports on inclusive business and international CSR.

Claudia has supported the setting up of energy kiosks in Madagascar, the evaluation of energy projects in Egypt, has done research on CSR in Bangladesh and South Africa, given workshops in Kenya and India.

Claudia holds an MA in International Business and Cultural Studies and worked for the trade consulting company VirteoNet GmbH and the vocational training centre Peters Bildungsgruppe before she joined Endeva.


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