Christina Tewes-Gradl

Managing Director
„We need faster and deeper change to reconcile every person's needs with the limits of the earth. I am excited about the current opportunities to reinvent economic systems, and love to bring people together to realize them."

Dr. Christina Tewes-Gradl is an expert on inclusive business and system innovation. As a founder and managing director of Endeva, she works with partners from all sectors to enable an economic transformation that benefits people and planet. She loves working towards a food system that nourishes everyone and benefits small farmers, having grown up in the countryside and having worked with small farmers all over the world since 2005. Other areas of expertise include tourism, partnerships, policies that drive responsible business, business ecosystems and systems change. She has contributed more than 30 publications, including many flagship reports, on these topics. She regularly speaks at events and facilitates workshops.

Christina has almost 20 years of experience in advising on sustainability, strategy and development issues. Christina is a former Research Fellow at the CSR Initiative of the Harvard Kennedy School, Strategic Advisor to the UNDP Growing Inclusive Markets initiative and Kofi Annan Fellow on Global Governance. She holds a PhD on the business model concept from the University of Halle-Wittenberg and Masters degrees from the University of Passau and LSE.  Previously, Christina worked as a strategy consultant with McKinsey&Co and with rice farmers in Madagascar.