Claudia Knobloch

Managing Director Endeva e.V.
"I love to support the development of ecosystems and programmes that enable young, impact-driven entrepreneurs to achieve their social and ecological goals and establish financially sustainable businesses."

Claudia Knobloch is the managing director of Endeva e.V. and an expert in applying knowledge of impact-driven business models and ecosystems in collaboration with entrepreneurs, companies, NGOs and development organisations.

She is a very experienced project manager who has led and managed more than 160 projects over the last 23+ year. She has (co-)authored 20+ reports on impact driven business, (youth) employment promotion and entrepreneurship and access to energy. She has also developed and implemented trainings for entrepreneurs and donor organisations.

Claudia is a sector expert in off-grid energy systems and for digital entrepreneurship. She has developed the energy kiosk company HERi Madagacar (2011-15) and she has supported the mini-grid provider Jumeme in Tanzania to improve its business model (2017). She has led the development and implementation of the Make-IT Accelerator in Kenya and Nigera (for GIZ, 2017-18), and the „Partners in Acceleration – Challenge Fund for Innovation Hubs (GIZ, 2019-20). In addition, she has led the development of the African Union organisation „African Inclusive Markets Excellence Centre“ (on behalf of UNDP, 2015-2018).

Claudia is trained in system practice and design thinking methods and holds an MA in International Business and Cultural Studies. She has worked for the international trade consulting company VirteoNet GmbH and the vocational training centre Peters Bildungsgruppe before she joined Endeva.