CcHub and Nailab announce cohorts of the first Make-IT Accelerator

This blogpost was authored by Bertil van Vugt from VC4A and originally posted on the VC4A website.

The Co-Creation Hub (CcHub) in Lagos, Nigeria, and NaiLab in Nairobi, Kenya, have announced the startups that will take part in the Make-IT Accelerator programme in each country.
Make-IT in Africa is a 2.5-year project (2017-2019) that focuses on promoting tech entrepreneurship for sustainable and inclusive economic development in Africa and on strengthening the entrepreneurial ecosystem as a whole.

The accelerator programme, which received over 280 applications from startups across Africa, begins in this month and is implemented by the German International Cooperation (GIZ), Endeva, CcHub and Nailab on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) as part of BMZ’s Digital Africa Initiative. The Make-IT Accelerator will be looking to help startups to scale their innovation and achieve growth, cooperation and investment readiness.

Make-IT Kickoff at CCHub
Crowd listening at Make-IT Accelerator kick-off at the CcHub rooftop in Lagos, Nigeria.


The 13 startups that will undergo the nine-month program at CcHub from January 2018 are as follows:

Doctoora E-Health Ltd Nigeria

Doctoora is a real estate startup operating an online marketplace for healthcare. We are combining technology with infrastructure to increase access to healthcare in Africa by providing short-term healthcare facility rentals thus enabling health professionals start private practice with ease.

DoLessons Nigeria

DoLessons is a supplementary learning and tutoring marketplace for top-notch individualized home tutoring services. We brings simplicity to learning by connecting students to verified expert tutors in their neighborhood for after-school customized lessons based on pace, learning style and predefined schedules


EMBiNIX Automation is a smart consumer electronics manufacturing company. We are specialized in designs, integration, development and sales of smart consumer electronics focused on giving our customers convenience and security.

Insight Africa Nigeria

Insight Africa designs and creates innovative learning resources that help prepare African students for an exceptional career in science, technology and engineering.

Kitovu Technology Company Nigeria

Kitovu is a web/mobile based inputs warehousing system that collects, analyzes, and aggregates soil and geo-location data, which is used to match the right soils to the right soil and crop specific fertilizers, improved seedlings and agrochemicals while connecting farm produce to offtakers so as to drive increased yields while reducing post harvest losses.

MyKolo Nigeria

MyKolo is a cashless mobile piggy bank application that helps people save money towards planned goals/targets and achieve them at amazing discounts.

Placements Africa Nigeria

Placements is a search platform for Graduate & Undergraduate Internship Programs in Africa.

PreDiagn Nigeria

PreDiagn creates access to diagnostics tests from onboarded medical laboratories at fraction of cost for such individually, with access to these services as close as on users’ mobile devices.

Print Anything Nigeria Ltd Nigeria

Print Anything is a Web2Print company focused on delivering high quality prints within 48Hours. As Nigeria becomes more robust as a technology driven nation with a fast paced lifestyle, PrintAnything offers complete full colour design and printing services at quick turnaround times, yet remaining budget friendly.

Social Lender Nigeria

Social Lender is a lending solution based on social reputation on mobile, online and social media platforms.

Slide Safe Nigeria

Slide Safe helps young Nigerians become more conscious of their sexual safety by providing them with sexual health products in a way that protects their privacy, without stigmatizing them.

Ghalani Ghana

Ghalani provides a web and mobile farm management system that allows farmers and agribusinesses to efficiently and accurately manage their farm records so as to increase productivity and reduce costs.

Track Your Build Sierra Leone

Track Your Build is an interactive construction project management, auditing and tracking platform that gives clients the freedom to engage in their construction project from anywhere in the world and still have total monitoring and control.


The 15 startups that will undergo the nine-month program at NaiLab from January 2018 are as follows:

AB3D (African Born 3D Printing) Kenya

AB3D is a one-stop shop for all things 3D printing with a special focus of leveraging 3D printing for development. We seek to lower the barriers of access to this technology. As such, we build quality and affordable 3D printers out of recycled electronic waste materials along with other, locally available materials.

Annona Kenya

Annona is an award-winning for-profit, social enterprise that records and manages farmer interactions with the exporters that buy from them. Using a suite of mobile and web technologies, we have a procurement and distribution channel to report transaction data in real time and increase efficiency in delivering fresh produce to countries worldwide.

clinicPesa Uganda

clinicPesa provides access to healthcare financing that is more affordable and convenient than traditional health insurance, through a digital mobile micro loans and savings platform dedicated to offset medical bills and purchase drugs in time of need.

DaktariPap Solutions Kenya

Daktaripap solutions is a Mobile, Web and SMS technology platform linking farmers and agro dealers to certified and reliable vet, agronomy, financial and insurance service providers in their local to prevent current and future crop/livestock health challenges which contribute to huge losses.

Genexe Engineering Kenya

Genexe Engineering combats indoor air pollution by manufacturing energy efficient cookstoves targeting low end domestic and institutional clients.

Gjenge Enterprises Kenya

Gjenge aims to address the prevalent crisis of improper waste management in the country. We are developing an ecosystem for offering redeemable points in exchange for recyclable waste in an effort to improve living standards and foster an eco-friendly lifestyle for a greener and healthier environment.

GrassRoots Bima Kenya

GrassRoots Bima is an insurtech company established to meet the insurance needs of the mass market through innovative inclusive insurance. We are dedicated to addressing and promoting financial inclusion using innovative insurance products and services to help reduce usage of difficult coping mechanisms.

ICT for Development Kenya Kenya

At ICT for Development Kenya we train rural youth on technology for job creation. To achieve this we have a model that sets up mobile IT labs that move from village to village every month.

Kaaro Health Uganda

Using simple software and hardware tools, Kaaro Health is providing rural health facilities with remote access to doctors and specialists so that women in rural communities do not have to walk long distances to access quality healthcare.

Micrive Infinite Limited Kenya

Micrive Infinite works in close partnerships and relationships with surgeons, providing 3D Printing services. Our products range from patient specific anatomically accurate models to surgical guides. The general acceptance of 3D printing as an armamentum in treatment planning makes our business have a lot of potential.

RedHunt Kenya

RedHunt enables medical practitioners and the public to search for and locate blood types they require from different hospitals and Regional blood centers during medical need/emergencies.

Sauti East Africa Limited Kenya

Sauti is a mobile platform empowering East Africa’s MSMEs with the business information they need to trade safely, legally and profitably across borders.

Taimba Ltd Kenya

Taimba Limited is a business to business mobile-based cashless platform that connects farmers to retailers. We cut wastage and make farmer products affordable without undercutting the farmer.


We train children in software development using kids programming languages, robotics, graphics design and character development during weekends and vocational.

ZOA Kenya

ZOA works with institutions to develop agile digital platforms that allow their customers to efficiently manage their transactions.

Pictures by Brian Obi.

Chika Uwazie Talentbase XL Africa pitch
The Micrive Infinite team at the Make-IT launch at NaiLab in Nairobi, Kenya.
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