Supporting a private-sector partnership: the Millers for Nutrition Coalition

Food fortification is one of the most accepted, scientifically proven and cost-effective ways to tackle malnutrition on a large scale. Despite its efficacy, however, its potential remains vastly untapped.

Millers adopting the practice of fortifying their products with essential micronutrients emerge as pivotal players in enhancing access to nutritious diets. Millers for Nutrition is thus on a mission to make food fortification excellence easier and more rewarding for millers.

With the goal of reaching 1 billion people by 2026 through the provision of adequately fortified flour, oil, and rice, the Millers for Nutrition Coalition is being implemented in eight countries: Nigeria, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Kenya, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Indonesia.


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The Millers for Nutrition Coalition is a private-sector partnership, which brings together partners who may be in competition with each other, to find common ground, build sustained, trusting relationships, and ultimately work together to support healthy food access for millions of people.

As part of the backbone organization, Endeva is working with partners to design and initiate this powerful coalition for nutrition.

Learn more about Endeva’s role in the Millers for Nutrition coalition by listening to the latest’s Collective Impact Forum episode available here and below:


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