Co-creating a Green Hydrogen Startup Ecosystem: Workshop to Design Capacity Building Formats for Startups to Seize Opportunities in the Green Hydrogen Sector

The experts have made it clear: one of the biggest bottlenecks for digital startups and local innovators in South Africa’s green hydrogen sector is the current state of skills and capacity building. Startups are either not aware of the business opportunities in the green hydrogen sector or they do not know how to adapt their products to be used in that value chain. .

To positively shape the future of this sector together, Endeva will organise a co-creation workshop in Cape Town, South Africa. The participants will develop support interventions that will equip startups and innovators with the technical and entrepreneurial know-how and the capacity to position themselves to contribute to and benefit from the growing and thriving South African GH2 sector.

The goal is that the outcome of our session will be anchored by committed partners to benefit and align with the visions of all participants to bolster the green hydrogen ecosystem for startups and innovators.

Our focus on skills and capacity building to support the South African GH2 sector is a result of our research throughout the ii2030 process. Through a series of interviews, two multi-stakeholder expert consultation sessions, and a pan-African peer exchange, we identified the most prominent dynamics in the system as well as the most promising opportunities for change. Energy among stakeholders coalesced around the topic of developing local skills and capacity in the sector. The results can be found here.

The ii2030 Green Hydrogen in Africa Edition is a one-year process that began in December 2022. The project is powered by the German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and realized in close collaboration with the MAKE-IT programme run by the German Agency for International Cooperation GmbH (GIZ).

We have a few tickets left: If you are interested in applying to take part in the co-creation process, please contact Samantha Beekman at


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