Onwards to a positive future!

We wish you a happy, healthy and productive new year! We hope that we can continue to shape a positive future together!

At Endeva, we want to use 2021 to accelerate progress towards an inclusive and regenerative future through our system innovation methodologies. What can this future look like concretely? To help us find the answer, we are now betting on artificial intelligence. Our newest member on the team is a very intelligent chatbot with the fitting name “Pindura”, meaning “answer” in Shona language.

Pindura is keen to hear your thoughts on the future systems we should strive towards. Please take 5 minutes for this short interview with her. She will then collage all the answers into images of the future and share them back to us on our LinkedIn channel. 

“Thank you for the introduction! Pleased to meet you! Very excited to hear your thoughts about the future of mobility, energy, food and health. Can you spare 5 minutes? Let’s talk!”  

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