Projectii2030: Inclusive Innovation 2030

Project background

On October 18-19, 2017, ii2030 brought together innovators from corporates, startups, the public sector, NGOs and science to create solutions for a more inclusive society by 2030.

ii2030 Collage

ii2030 is an interactive, highly curated event that will employ cutting-edge technology as the engine to manufacture disruptive solutions for tomorrow’s biggest challenges to inclusion. The event will bring together leading innovators from corporates, startups, the public sector, NGOs and science to co-create solutions to achieve a more inclusive society by 2030.

How can we..

  • deliver basic goods and services to remote areas using drones?
  • increase smallholder yields through remote sensing?
  • source data on low-income markets through artificial intelligence?
  • use deep learning to transform diagnoses and treatment in healthcare?
  • leverage blockchain technology to enable entrepreneurs to access global markets?

The 2017 edition of ii2030 was hosted by Endeva, in collaboration with IB Accelerator, the Inclusive Business Action Network and IXDS.

Project objective

ii2030 draws inspiration from a hyper-focused and intensive service design process created by IXDS. This process, aided by mapping and storytelling, fosters the creation of technology-led solutions to address the SDGs. The methodology guides participants in their understanding of the challenges future users face. Through techniques that enhance their creativity, participants co-create new, holistic solutions that involve all needed stakeholders. The end-product of the workshop is a minimum viable prototype and a concrete roadmap to success.

Inclusive Innovation Tour: October 18, 2017, all over Berlin

Several tour guides take participants on an exploration of Berlin’s buzzing inclusive innovation scene to provide inspiration and information around the ii2030 challenges.

Inclusive Innovation Factory: October 19, 2017, Neue Mälzerei, Berlin

The Factory is all about manufacturing solutions through cross-sector collaboration. In co-creation workshops of up to 10 participants, we work out how technology can drive inclusive innovation, and what is needed to realize solutions. Participants are carefully selected to bring together those actors who can make the change - and only those.

Project result

The first edition of ii2030 took place in Berlin on October 18-19, 2017. To discover more about the 5 challenges we addressed, check out our 2017 Tracks.

If you are interested in contributing to or participating in the next edition of our event, please check out or contact Megan.

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